de Anda

I close the eyes, yeah. And see the inside a Runt’s legs. Silken tighs and the little heaven panties dat sit above that little foory toff, yeah. And with my paws, I cup and kneed. And Runt, she get all soft and moist, and she gently press into my hand, which seem to call her in. She come in, and we on the floor and lick the stiff tips a tits. And all the time, she on my finger. The tongues, they disco dance and we move the wet spit above the face.

I feel it’s the time, Pig need to be a man. And all caught up in the pants, and zip, zip. Runt, she take my all shiny hand, and I open her real soff, open. And she wet, and moan, little moan. And I push and touched a way in. Now Pig and Runt are now one. And now we move, and all is soft and warm and wet. And the two we’re at last’ing the sex. We move slow and gentle yeah. And Runt, Runt give one more moan and Pig, he poor into Runt. We man and Woman now! We not baba’s no more.

I kiss Runt’s eyes.

disco pigs